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Reverse Withdrawal Bonus

Online casinos regularly reward their most loyal customers with special bonuses. These bonuses serve as a thank you for customers spending their time and money playing at their casino. The reverse withdrawal bonus is one such bonus that is offered to players who are getting ready to leave a particular casino. It serves to help those players change their minds and stick around for a bit longer. Platinum Play casino is known to offer the reverse withdrawal bonus to their players. On top of that, they got fantastic sign-up bonuses, which makes it very attractive for new players. Read a detailed review of Platinum Play casino at to learn what games can you play, what banking options are available, how to withdrawal faster, etc.

Entreaty to Continue Playing

When players attempt to withdraw their money from their casino account, either to enjoy their winnings or play at another casino, some smart casinos offer them a reverse withdrawal bonus. The casino announces that the player's money will be processed following a 24 to 48 hour hold. If the player changes his or her mind, however, the casino will thank him or her for returning to play with a special bonus.

Conditions on the Bonus

Some players may attempt to game the system by threatening to withdraw their money in an attempt to get at the reverse withdrawal bonus, only to withdraw the now bigger winnings later on. Most casinos have mechanisms in place to prevent such abuse of their generosity. If the player accepts a reverse withdrawal bonus, a hold will be placed on future withdrawals for a specified period of time. This can last anywhere from a week to a month, so players should be sure to check the conditions on any bonus they accept.

This particular bonus has generated some controversy among players who feel that casinos should never place barriers between a player and his or her money. However, others appreciate that their casino is willing to go the extra mile to keep loyal customers around.