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Using Cash in Casinos

There is nothing simpler and more economical than paying for purchases with cold, hard cash. Since it is virtually impossible to use cash as a method for making purchases online, several companies have developed a relatively new payment method known as the cash card.

About Cash Cards

Cash cards are essentially prepaid debit cards that can be loaded over the phone or in any number of bricks-and-mortar merchants. There is often a small fee associated with loading the card with funds, but this negates the existence of per-transaction fees. These cards allow customers to turn their cash into a source of electronic payment; this is a great option for those who are not interested in dealing with multiple merchants that require the linkage of accounts. Instead, cash card holders can simply reload their cards with cash as necessary in order to make purchases.

Cash Casinos

Cash casinos are those that allow players to make deposits with a cash card. Although this practice has long been unavailable, the number of people that actually carry cash cards is on the increase; this is leading more and more casinos to accept cash cards as a form of payment. Though making a deposit is very simple and takes just a few moments, some cash card providers will not allow funds to be loaded back to the card from these casinos. Instead, these players must have their winnings deposited into their bank accounts or sent via check in the mail.

Cash cards are safe, secure and provide players with an alternative to standard casino banking options like credit cards and electronic payment systems. Due to their increasing popularity as a whole, more and more casinos are beginning to accept this form of payment.